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Desk Manager is customer support software that organizes,
separates and ends calls in a few clicks.

Companies that have improved their service with us

Software Help Desk - Kanban

The only Help Desk Software with Call Panel to facilitate the management of calls.

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“Desk Manager has helped us a lot at a critical time. We have increased our incident management, reduced dissatisfaction level and time taken care of. Today it is used by teams such as financial, legal, billing and tax. It has in fact become one of the company's main tools.”

Mauricio Costa

Features for you to boost your service

Control of calls

Dashboards that offer complete control and monitoring of the operation.

Simple call opening

Opening of calls by Portal, E-mail, Chat, App and even SMS.

Personalized service

We have a dedicated Success Team to help you increase the results of your operation.


Issue templates ready to automate the opening of calls.

Approval Workflow

Define the types of calls that need Approval before they are answered.


Manage deadlines and staff time

Ready phrases

Create response templates to automate your team's work.


Fire alerts and announcements for all your users and staff

External Apps

Knowledge Base, Contracts, Remote Access Inventory, Satisfaction Survey and more!

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You will not pay for anything if you do not like it

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Software Help Desk Omnichannel

With Desk Manager you provide an incredible experience in serving your customers.
Open calls and attend on multiple platforms.

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User / Operator


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