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Sistema de chamados
  • Basic
  • Opening of calls via Portal
  • Opening calls via E-mail
  • Complete Reports
  • Knowledge base
  • SLA - Internal
  • Satisfaction survey
  • $ 19,99

  • * Minimum of three operators
Sistema de atendimentos
  • Advanced
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Services catalog
  • Approval Workflow
  • Asset Management
  • Contract management
  • SLA - Internal
  • $ 29,99

  • * Minimum of three operators
Service Desk
  • Plus
  • All Advanced Features
  • Remote access
  • Automatic inventory
    (30 machines per license)
  • Pak of SMS’s
    (50 SMS’s by license licença)
  • Speak now
    with Consultant

NO RISKS. You will not pay for anything if you do not like it.
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“Desk Manager has helped us a lot at a critical time. We have increased our incident management, reduced dissatisfaction level and time taken care of. Today it is used by teams such as financial, legal, billing and tax. It has in fact become one of the company's main tools.”

Mauricio Costa

Common questions

Can I test Desk Manager for free? How many days?
Yes, testing with Desk Manager one help desk system and customer service, free for 7 days or more if necessary.

What are the differences between the plans?
The differences are related to the functionalities available in the contracted Desk Manager environment, with the Basic Plan having fewer resources and Plus being the most complete of the plans.

I hired the Basic plan, but I would like to upgrade to the Advanced, is it possible?
Yes, plans change is super flexible.

Can I merge the plans?
It is not possible to work with merged plans, all contracted licenses will follow the plan's values and resources policy that more closely matches your needs.

Is licensing nominal?
Yes the licenses are nominal, for each operator of the technical team.

Does the requestor (client) have to pay for access to the End User Portal?
You do not have to pay. Access to the End User Portal is free and unlimited.

Can I query or extract the backup with my information entered in Desk Manager?
Yes, this procedure can be performed at any time through the guidance of our Support team.

What is the minimum contract time?
12 months is the standard period of our licensing agreement, but this agreement can be canceled at any time, without the application of a fine, only if there is a grace period of 30 days after requesting the cancellation.

How does Desk Manager support work?
We are very close to our client. Our support will help you get the best possible experience with Desk Manager. We serve from Monday to Friday, during business hours.

Can Desk Manager work inside my local server?
Unfortunately, Desk Manager is only marketed in the cloud format.

What security is there in Desk Manager?
We greatly appreciate the security on our platform. . Desk Manager can be accessed only by the HTTPS protocol and uses an SSL Certificate with 128-bit encryption.

How does Desk Manager deployment and training work?
After hiring, our Deployment team will contact you, organizing several meetings with the objective of gathering all the necessary information to parameterize your Desk Manager environment and enable the attendance team that will use the platform. The average duration of the Deployment work is 35 days.

What happens at the end of the Deployment work?
Deployment is just the beginning! At the end of this work, you will be able to put Desk Manager into production, but after that our Success team will take on the responsibility of helping you to take full advantage of all the features available in the tool and achieve the best results for your operation.

Are there versions of Desk Manager in other languages?
Yes, the Desk Manager interface is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, among others :)

Does Desk Manager adhere to other business models besides IT?
Yes, the Desk Manager can be implemented to control and manage any service operation and has already been deployed in areas such as HR, SAC, Marketing, Facilities, Contracts, Legal and others, being possible to structure even a CSC scenario. Shared Services).

Can I integrate Desk Manager with other platforms?
Yes, Desk Manager has a framework for application programming interfaces (APIs) for data refresh and consumption, allowing integration with any other platform that is compatible with this same integration method.

Can I use Desk Manager in a nonprofit organization - NGO?
Yes, we are very happy to help those who help others.